// the future of turf is data

Why we do,
what we do

We believe that data is the future of turf. Turfgrass professionals, irrigation experts, farmers, and the whole green industry will eventually lean more and more towards quality data for decision making. The data revolution is already underway we still have a long way to go. In Spiio, we are on the forefront of pioneering this new era of in-ground #SpiioData

The team is based on three continents with state-of-the-art in-house technology and research and production capabilities. Commercially, Spiio has reach in all the key and emerging markets in our industry.

Spiio’s service is elevating your decision-making with in-ground sensor data. Our mission is to help improve productivity and water usage with actionable field data #SpiioSmart

// Sp-110 wireless sensor

Four sensors in
one wireless device

Receive soil moisture, temperature, salinity and light data from the ground hour by hour around the clock. Spiio’s SP-110 sensor is completely wireless and communicates via the best cellular carrier in your area.